Echo Bridge

Linking Newton and Needham ​since 1876

January 19 The Needham Channel segment on the Railing project

January 12 Needham Newspaper Story: Echo Bridge railing project gaining steam​

Public Flyer summarizing the reconstruction project

MWRA Community Preservation Funding Proposal (Nov 2016)

Historic Cast Iron and Steel Railings Study (2007)

Contact the Echo Bridge Railing Committee

- Reconstruct the historic railings with an in-kind replication of the 1876 design

- Eliminate the temporary chain link fence to restore the integrity of the bridge design 

- Meet the $1.44M cost via a public/private fundraising partnership

Here’s the strategy:
- We are collecting private Pledges to demonstrate a groundswell of local support to 

   Newton & Needham Community Preservation Committees, grant-makers, elected

   officials and the MWRA.
- We will not request payment on your Pledge until matching monies are committed.
- Even a SMALL pledge can add up to large influence!

Please pledge today  

Railing Reconstruction Information

EBRR Needham Channel

Echo Bridge Railings Reconstruction

The Echo Bridge Railings Need Our Support